Weekly Market Report. February 2, 2024

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February 2, 2024

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Bard generates photos now, finally 😲

Google’s Bard chatbot is adding AI image generation, catching up on a feature that rival ChatGPT Plus has had for months. Users can prompt Bard to generate photos using Google’s Imagen 2 text-to-image model.

Tesla Recalls Millions of Vehicles Over Latest Safety Flaw 🤔

Tesla has issued a recall notice covering nearly all of the electric vehicles it has sold in the U.S. over problems with warning lights, its biggest safety fix to date and the latest in a series of setbacks for the automaker.

Stock Bulls Cheer Signs Economy Is ‘Ripping Ahead’ 🧐

The stock market extended this week’s gains amid a rally in big tech and as a solid jobs report bolstered the outlook for corporate profits.

📈 Market Data

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2024 Halving Date ETA: April 12, 2024

🚨 Important News This Week

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  • Intel delays $20 billion Ohio project, citing slow chip market

  • Meta to deploy in-house custom chips this year to power AI drive

  • AI Data Center Startup Labs Plans March IPO

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  • Meta Quest Will Play Apple’s 3D Spatial Videos

  • Google says YouTube Premium and Music now have over 100 million subscribers

  • Japan lands spacecraft on the moon, and other technology

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  • Samsung Reports Decline in Profit but Anticipates Business Improvement Driven by Chips
  • Shell reports lower profits as energy prices cool
  • UK Opposition Labour Party Pledge Productivity Fix in Latest Pitch to Business

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  • Binance froze $4.2M of XRP from hack on Ripple co-founder’s wallet

  • Mark Cuban Confesses Love for Polygon and INJ

  • BlackRock and ProShares’ Bitcoin ETFs Surpassed GBTC’s Daily Volumes

🚨 Notable Companies Secure Impressive Investments

  • Gevulot has raised $6M in a Seed funding round led by Variant

  • Uncorrelated Ventures raises $315 million for crypto and software-focused fund

  • BBOX has raised $2.7M in a Pre-Seed funding round backed by Consensys

  • Nocturne Labs has raised $6M in a Seed funding round backed by Polychain, Vitalik Buterin and others

  • Rymedi has raised $9M in a Series A funding round co-led by RW3 Ventures and White Star Capital

  • Shrapnel has raised $20M in a Series A funding round led by Polychain Capital

  • Anapaya Systems has raised $1.90M in a funding round led by Mysten Labs,

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