Weekly Market Report. May 10, 2024

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May 10, 2024

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OpenAI Will Reportedly Announce An AI-Powered Search Engine Next Week 😲

OpenAI will announce its new AI search product on Monday, a day before Google is expected to announce plans for its Gemini AI products at its annual I/O developer conference, Reuters reported, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

Microsoft Plans Mobile-Game Store, Vying With Apple, Google 🤔

Microsoft Corp. will launch its own online store for mobile-game consumables in July, creating an alternative to Apple Inc. and Google’s app stores and their fees.

Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Price Will Go Beyond $1 Million in 2030 🧐

When asked about a price prediction for bitcoin in an interview with Pirate Wires, Dorsey said, “I don’t know. Over… at least a million. I do think it hits that number and goes beyond.”

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🚨 Important News This Week

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  • Apple to Power AI Tools With In-House Server Chips This Year

  • TikTok begins automatically labeling AI-generated content

  • AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride

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  • SoundHound enhances voice assistant with Perplexity’s search tech

  • Netflix has unveiled a digital theme park on Roblox

  • Alphabet Progressing in Talks to Buy HubSpot, Sources Say

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  • Biden Set to Hit China EVs, Strategic Sectors With Tariffs
  • Huawei Relies on China’s YMTC for Memory Chip in Latest Phone
  • Hyundai and Kia models topped US auto theft rankings last year

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  • Bitcoin still lacks $60K support as BTC price nears $100M liquidity zone2 bln Q1 profit from investments

  • Wells Fargo reports exposure to Grayscale and ProShares Bitcoin ETFs

  • Binance, KuCoin Win Registration From India Anti-Money Laundering Regulator as Crypto Credibility Improves

🚨 Notable Companies Secure Impressive Investments

  • Galaxis has raised $10M in a funding round backed by Chainlink and others

  • Botanix Labs has raised $11.5M in two funding rounds backed by Polychain Capital and others

  • ZKM has raised $5M in a Pre-Series A funding round led by OKX Ventures

  • Arbelos Markets has raised $28M in a funding round led by Dragonfly Capital

  • Lagrange Labs has raised $13.2M in a Seed funding round led by Founders Fund

  • Owlto Finance has raised $8M in Strategic round led by Bixin Ventures and CE Innovation

  • Sophon [SOPH] has already raised over $62M via Node Sale on Impossible Finance

  • Arcium has raised $5.5M in a strategic funding round led by Greenfield Capital

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