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September 8, 2023

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Market Data
  • China turns to AI in hopes of creating viral online propaganda
  • Ant Unveils AI Language Model for Wealth Management
  • Microsoft Says It Will Protect Customers from AI Copyright Lawsuits
  • Schmidt using $27B fortune to influence AI policy
  • Apple discloses zero-days linked to NSO Group spyware
  • Twitter, now X, loses 2nd head of brand safety in months.
  • Google’s cookie-replacing Privacy Sandbox reaches major milestone
  • Spotify to Offer Paying Subscribers Free Audiobook Trial
  • SoftBank Backs Autonomous Trucking Firm Started by Ex-Ford Self-Driving Executives
  • SEC Probes Ryan Cohen’s Bed Bath & Beyond Trades
  • Yellen Confident on Ukraine-Aid Support
  • Mattel to get 5% of Barbie box office
  • El Salvador launches Bitcoin education program
  • JPMorgan exploring blockchain-based payment & settlement system
  • Aussie fintech prays for crypto clarity as it launches Bitcoin-backed loans
  • MicroStrategy‘s Large Bitcoin Impairment Losses Have Given a False Impression
  • Coinbase to Prioritize Crypto Markets Outside of US in Its Expansion Strategy

Did You Know?

According to estimates, generative AI is poised to bring significant changes to the world of work in the United States from 2022 to 2030. While traditional job sectors like STEM, healthcare, builders, and professional fields are expected to continue adding jobs, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize work activities across many occupations. The future promises a transformation where tasks and roles may evolve, thanks to the power of generative AI. So, whether you’re an AI enthusiast or simply curious about the future of work, keep an eye on how this technology could reshape various industries in the coming years!


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